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Few Ways to Match Cushions on Your Sofa

Sofa cushions are the ultimate finishing touch of any interior space. They can differ in nearly every way: colour, texture, pattern and material, and yet they can meld together to form an impeccable harmony without sacrificing design integrity. If you need a little inspiration on how to match cushions to sofa, below is a simple guide to help you fashion your perfect couch setup.

Don’t colour match – blend or contrast instead

Sometimes when you buy a new sofa, it comes with matching cushions that blend into the sofa’s colour. Replace these matched cushions with cushions that contrast with the sofa’s shade and complement the rest of the room.

Pick a Colour Palette

Picking the right colours can make your room look harmonious and well put together.

There are usually a lot of elements in different shades and textures in the living room.

Your carefully chosen cushions can pull together all the elements beautifully and make the colours work well together.

The best way to pick your colour palette is to sit in the room and identify two to three colours that meet the following criteria:

  • Some element in the room should be in the colour you pick — a painting, the curtains, a large vase
  • The colours you pick must complement each other, which means that they should look good together.
  • Use an online colour swatch to help you pick out the colours and keep this swatch on hand when you select your cushions. If not all, your cushions should have at least most of the colours of your chosen colour palette. Most of your cushions should have one of your colours – the dominant colour. One or two cushions should have two or three of your colours in it. That way, you tie your three main colours in together.

Choose the Size and Shape of Your Cushion

The biggest mistake most people make while choosing cushions is buying all their cushions in the same shape. Boring! Mix it up with different shapes and sizes of cushions to add depth and interest. Try to get two cushions in different sizes but in the same patterned material and then add in some solid colours. That’s just one way to make your cushions coordinate.

Arrange Your Cushions in Right way

If you want to go the traditional route, you can place either one or two sets of matching cushions at each end. For a more modern or eclectic look, mix it up. If you are not confident in your styling, stick to 3-5 cushions in different arrangements. Place a cushion with 2-3 of the colours from your colour palette in the centre and surround that with the other colours. Have fun trying different combinations.

Add on to the Cushions

In addition to getting yourself amazing cushions, most home interior design experts will tell you to also get throws, rugs and kilims that complement your arrangement and add dimension. You can also buy a few large floor cushions to give you some additional seating and add interest to your home interior design scheme.

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